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So many great apps for runners — why do we build Planzy?
So many great apps for runners — why do we build Planzy?

Does Planzy have 24 weeks limit for a training plan?

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There are tons of great apps for runners — C25K, Coopah, HumanGo, INTRL, Joggo, Kaisen, Nike, NXT, RunKeeper, Runna, RUNology, Runalyze, Strava, TrainAsOne, TrainingPeaks Vortza and many more — that cover every possible need: from tracking your runs, calculating paces and creating training plans to analyzing your runs and being rewarded for being active.

And yet, we decided to build Planzy — the app for runners. Why?

Just imagine:

  1. You're a runner

  2. You have a partner, kids, friends, work — your life is already pretty busy

  3. You get a slot for a marathon in 10 months

  4. You have some time to run, but it's flexible — you have a holiday with your family, a busy period at work, a few late nights with friends...

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So, running isn't your priority #1, but still, you'd like to run this marathon. How can you do that? It's pretty simple:

  1. get a training plan

  2. follow the plan for the next 10 months

It sounds easy in theory but almost impossible to follow in practice.

That's exactly why we're building Planzy: we believe you shouldn't follow a plan — the plan should follow you.

We're building Planzy with these ideas in mind:

  1. help you with running goals — a sub-4 marathon or your first 5K

  2. allow you to set goals of any duration — not just 24 weeks

  3. be supportive — there's no need for extra stress for you

  4. fit your schedule — we love running, but life is more important

  5. adjust to your availability — skipping a workout of a week is fine

  6. be simple — you aren't a data scientist to enjoy tens of dashboards

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